Victoria House (Vico Ville), Victoria Road, Killiney

Victoria House, also known as Vico Ville, is a palatial house extending to c. 6000 sq.ft sitting on c. 0.5 acres on Victoria Road, Killiney. Neighbouring mansions include Mount Mapas House, Gorse Hill and East Grove.

The house, despite its period looks, was built in 1993 on the lands of neighbouring Mount Mapas House. It was presumably built by then-owner, Declan Fearon, who was then working for Ladbrokes and is currently the managing director of Tipperary Crystal. The initial planning permission was applied for by the Fearons, however numerous subsequent planning applications were submitted by another businessman using the same architects. It is likely that this man may have acquired the site in an off-market deal and built the house. Shortly thereafter, however, he applied in 1996 to build East Grove next door, to which he eventually moved. The Fearon family sold Mount Mapas in 1997, but Victoria House did not come up for sale on the open market until 1999, presumably when the new owner moved to East Grove.

Victoria House is built over 3 levels; the lowest level is ideal for guests as it has its own separate entrance and bedroom / living area. The property, despite having a more limited site compared to the 1+ acre houses surrounding it, makes good use of its gardens and is as large as the period homes such as Mount Mapas next-door. Although, due to the much smaller site, it is far less celebrated than nearby properties.

Victoria House was listed for about £2.7 – £3 million originally in 1999, when the Dalkey and Killiney market was booming, before being listed for auction once again in 2001 guiding £2.5m by the new owner as he wanted to ‘trade up’. Seven years later, in 2008, the house was listed for sale again with a new name, Vico Ville, and with a new price of €6.95 million. With the market collapsing, this price was subsequently reduced to €4.45m, then to €3.75 and finally to €2.85m at the end of 2010. Finally, in March 2011, the house sold at a 69% reduction off its original price, achieving €2,175,000.

While hardly expansive, the rear garden as is evident from the photos above, is well-designed. Most of the space is flat, usable and works well for entertaining. The views are really what sells this house- its elevated position provides amazing views across Vico Road (it also has a private entrance leading down to Vico Road) and the sea, with a magical setting in one of Dublin’s most desirable locations.