Ouragh, 20A Shrewsbury Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Ouragh is the former family home of Sean Dunne and wife, Gayle Killilea. The modern home on Shrewsbury Road occupies about 0.2 acres of land, chopped off from the original lands of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland’s property, Woodside.

Dunne’s previous home was an unusual, yet aesthetically pleasing, modern house named Woodberry – located at The Birches, Torquay Road, Foxrock – which was sold in 2002 for €2.9 million.
The site was purchased in 1999 from neighbour, Niall O’Farrell, who had purchased the full 0.41 acre site himself only the year before. O’Farrell paid £3.6m for the site and Dunne paid him £3m for half of it (0.2 acre) only a year later – a great deal for O’Farrell. Dunne brought O’Farrell to court over a dispute regarding the terms of their contract regarding the sale of the site. Eventually Dunne won the case and O’Farrell had to incur the legal expenses of both sides. The property is very similar to O’Farrell’s proportion-wise as they are both two-story over basement and built into the attic – they also occupy a similar footprint. While both homes are similar, O’Farrell’s is said to be over 9,000sqft, while Ouragh is about 8,700sqft according to Colliers International estate agents.

Dunne’s Departure

Due to Sean Dunne’s debts, in the amount of hundreds of millions of euros, he and his wife have not lived at the house for some time and has since fallen into receivership.

He and his family have moved to the USA, where they reportedly live in the prestigious Belle Haven development in Greenwich, Connecticut. Dunne’s wife has become a developer in her own right stateside, developing one-off housing in Greenwich and also a multi-million dollar apartment development in Manhattan. The couple remain embroiled in legal battles relating to Sean Dunne’s bankruptcy.

2014 –

Up until 2014, Ouragh was rented by the South African embassy for €15,000 per month. Following the lapsing of this rental, the property was placed on the market in 2015 through Colliers International’s Peter Kenny for €7 million. Ouragh is just one of the multiple properties that Kenny has been responsible for selling on the prestigious road in recent years.

Image Credits:
Cover image: Dublin’s Great Estates
Interior and rear images: Colliers International