Mount Mapas, Victoria Road, Killiney

Mount Mapas was constructed in the 1820’s for Lord Mapas of Killiney Castle merely as a hunting lodge.

In 1899, Mount Mapas was available either to purchase or to let, comprising 12 rooms and occupying a much larger 3-acre site. Fast forward to seventy-five years later and the house is listed for sale again in 1974 with a reduced approx. 1.75 acres site, 4 Reception Rooms, 4 Bathrooms, 6 Bedrooms, a Trunk Room, Playroom and Wine Cellar.

The original 3 acres advertised in 1899 may have included properties that are now separated, such as neighbouring Gorse Hill. The neighbouring house, Victoria House (aka Vico Ville) was built c. 1993 on Mount Mapas’ lands by Declan Fearon, managing director of Tipperary Crystal.

The most high-profile sale of Mount Mapas was in 1997. The house extended to an impressive 6,000sqft and was expected to make £1.4 million but the buyer, whose identity remained a mystery for months after the sale, won the auction with a bid of £2.3 million (€2.92m) and subsequently renovated the home. This renovation was in spite of the fact that the previous owners, who purchased it c. 1985, had also fully renovated the house. The secret buyer of Mount Mapas was a wealthy chemist-chain owner, who eventually sold the chain for a reported €25 million in 2002. Prior to purchasing Mount Mapas, he lived in Atherstone on Temple Road, Dartry, which he sold for £2.2 million to a millionaire involved in the food industry.

At first glance, the home looks like a palatial villa on a decent-sized plot, but the beauty of this house lies in the fact that it has separate private gardens across the street fronting onto Vico Road – perhaps Dublin’s most photographed Dublin.

This garden is what separates Mount Mapas from its other neighbours such as Vico Ville and East Grove – land like this is impossible to obtain and the fact that one must cross the road to access it does not even matter, the gardens are incredibly impressive. The terraced italianate gardens have been maintained to such a high standard and resemble top-class states on the French Riviera, the quality is practically unheard of in Dublin.