Monte Giuseppe, Sorrento Road, Dalkey

Undoubtably one of Dublin’s finest properties, standing on 2.29 acres and extending to over 15,000sqft, this property is unique given its huge proportions, irreplaceable site with sea views and prime Dalkey address.

The house was only built in the decade or so, but the lands and previous house (Ratheane) changed hands a few times over the last century. It was owned throughout the 1930s and 40s (possibly earlier also) by the family of Charles Bell, who died in November 1950. He resided in Ratheane with his wife and his daughter, Noreen – and possibly had other family.

The house was then purchased in 1959 for the sum of approximately £5,000. I believe the buyer was Michael Towey. Towey reportedly was one of Ireland’s biggest and most successful cattle exporters – exporting approximately 28,000 cattle per annum in the 1960s. After a few years, it seems as though Michael’s family may have joined the family business as in 1981, it is known that Andrew J. Towey owned A. J. Towey and Co. (Exporters), a meat exporting company, with a plant named Towey Meats at Magheraboy, Ballaghaderreen, Roscommon. Towey Meats ceased trading, I believe, around 1981 and Andrew moved to Spain in the 1980s and was definitely still living there in 1993 – perhaps he is even still living there now.

The house is still owned by the Towey family; specifically by a Towey daughter and her husband, a man with the midas touch – who happens to be one of Ireland’s wealthiest businessmen. When building the new house, they renamed it to Monte Giuseppe – obviously Ratheane wasn’t Italian enough for Dalkey. Despite its olde worlde charm and appearance, the house is actually a new build. It was the former owner, Mrs Maureen Towey, who applied to demolish the existing residence in 1997 and to erect a new mega mansion – Monte Giuseppe.

The applications for the construction of the new house begin in 1997 but the house was still being built in the year 2000. At this time, the owners resided at the luxurious Killiney House, on 2 acres of terraced gardens, which they rented from rockstar Jim Kerr and then from builder Michael Maye, who purchased it in 1999 for £2.75m and placed it back on the market in 2000 at £3.5m. I’m sure it was tough having to live in such limited rented digs- but it was worth it in the end, as Monte Giuseppe turned out amazingly well.

The new Monte Giuseppe is positively palatial and is complemented by 2.29 acres of perfectly manicured gardens – certainly amongst the best in Dalkey, if not all of Dublin. The house also features an extremely long sweeping driveway.