Beulah House, Harbour Road, Dalkey

Beulah is one of Dublin’s finest seaside residences and marked a turnaround in the property market in 1979 when it sold for £379,000 – a sum that was practically unheard of for a private residence. From that point onwards, the potential of seaside properties became evident and thus two years later the sale of then-neighbouring Bartra House for £550,000 – Dalkey mansions had officially entered a boom period. The turnaround in the market came as a surprise as ten years previous, in 1969, a house on uber-exclusive Sorrento Terrace sold for a mere £7,500. Beulah, for this reason, is an important house in the context of the Irish property market’s history.

The house dates back to the 19th Century, likely back to when Harbour Road was named Ballast Office Road. Early records for the property suggest that it stood on 4 acres. Between 1912 and 1917, it was rented on a five year lease to a Mrs. Sampson for the price of £176 per week, a substantial sum at the time. The Dunlop family subsequently resided in the house for decades, definitely in the 1940s and 50s and possibly before and after this period also.

The house was sold in 1979, possibly by the Dunlop family, standing on 2.75 acres and was purchased in trust by Mr Stewart Harrington, a Dublin-based estate agent, for an astounding £379,000. Harrington was accompanied by international town planner Professor Geoffrey Cotcutt at the signing of the contract. The property was most likely purchased in trust for Mr Tom Rogers, co-founder of Golden Discs record store. When he sold Beulah in 1989, supposedly ” at a record level” price to the current owners – the family shipping doyen Finn O’Sullivan – Rogers is believed to have taken land at the side of the property on which Beulah Court, a small estate with modern houses, was constructed. Rogers lives in a house on Beulah Court.

While present owner passed away in 2013, the house was not offered for sale until 2015, when Sherry Fitzgerald’s Simor Ensor brought the property to the market asking €6.5 million.

The house is undoubtably one of Dalkey’s finest, still standing on rolling lawns which only gently slope towards the sea, meaning basically all of the land is usable compared to the difficult, yet beautiful, landscape of the nearby Vico Road mansions. The portion of the gardens which are rectangularly-shaped, covered in stone slabs and landscaped, bordering Harbour Road was formerly a tennis court. The extensive rear garden offers unlimited potential for extensions and modifications to the property, such as room for a swimming pool or tennis court. Currently the house is set over three levels, including a basement level, extending to 6,050sqft in total on a site of 1.72 acres. The house comprises multiple magnificent reception rooms, along with other less formal living areas, five bedrooms, three full bathrooms and an assortment of other rooms.

Beulah Court, a gated development of six detached houses, was constructed on the Beulah’s lands. Two of these houses, Seaspray and 5 Beulah Court, are large dormer bungalows with gardens bordering the sea. The estate enjoys direct access to the sea.


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