Aylesbury, Adelaide Road, Glenageary

Aylesbury (formerly Aylesbury Villa) is a magnificent Victorian house built c. 1878 for the Grand Master of the Freemasons, Mr Symes. The home’s beginnings are evident from certain masonic features in the property. It extends to approx 4,200sq.ft and sits on an amazing square, flat 1 acre site in the leafiest part of Glenageary.

20th Century

The house has little history from the 19th Century and even in the first half of the 20th. In 1925 a Mrs. M Kirwan lived at Aylesbury. In 1949, the home appears to come to the open market for the first time and is described as being very similar to how the house is today – meaning that it has been effectively unspoiled, still standing on its original 1 acre garden. At the time, the garden had a tennis court and orchard, compared to it’s state today which is mainly lawns and possibly also a putting green.

I believe that the 1949 buyers were the family of Herbert Vivian Millar (who died in 1958) – including wife, Joy Millar, and daughters Jennifer Millar and Heather Millar. The last time the Millar family are referred to as living at Aylesbury is around 1960 and by 1963, the family of Pat Garvey and John Garvey were now living at the home. The house goes off the radar between 1963 and 1980 until it was offered for sale in April 1981 and sold very shortly thereafter, with the subsequent sale of the furniture in May 1981. It is likely that the sellers were the Garvey family.


The buyer in 1981 spent considerable amounts of money extensively upgrading the home, such as the addition of central heating, extra bathrooms and making other changes to adapt the dated home to modern living standards. They sold the house eleven years later in 1992. The property came to auction with a price of £350,000 expected to be achieved, however it was withdrawn at £330k and privately negotiated afterwards. I do not know the identities of the 1992 buyers, however they seemed to have done little to the property given the fact that it was already upgraded, and then they sold the property themselves nine years later in 2001. The property came to auction that year with a guide of £1.75m (€2.2m) but it failed to sell and was placed on the market by private treaty at £2m (€2.53m). The property presumably sold and the buyers were Mr Paul Moriarty and Mrs Kate Moriarty. The Moriarty family upgraded the home significantly, adding 700sq.ft on to the house that was previously 3,500sq.ft. Among their additions to the property was a high-gloss Miele kitchen, at a cost of €55,000. Other additions they made were the underfloor heating, working shutters, and a general refurbishment of the entire property – money was poured into the place. Gardener Anthony Shackleton was hired to make the best of the outdoor space and a €10,000 putting green was also installed, however the coach house was renovated as a two-story workshop/store rather than converting it to habitable space. The sale was undoubtably a well timed, with the first auction set at June 2006 with an AMV of €7 million, a few months before any talk of recession began circulating. Sherry Fitzgerald withdrew the property from auction and then sought €8.5m for the property until reducing it to €7.5m in August 2006. They sold the property in December 2006 for a figure just above €7 million – still a fantastic result that you can be sure the Moriarty’s do not regret selling for.

Property Developer

The property is believed to have been purchased by a property developer, but was rented out for the majority of his ownership of the property – from about 2010 to 2015 – to two British families. During this period, agent Turley Property Advisors sought prices of up to €8,000 per month for the property, but rented it for significantly less after a price drop to €6,000 per month in June 2012.

In June 2015, with the most recent tenants vacated, the property was listed for sale through Michael Turley of Turley Property Advisors for a price of €2.7 million and sold swiftly thereafter for an unknown sum – quite a drop from the €7+ million paid in 2006.