Archacon is stately villa on Strathmore Road, neighbouring the mammoth Strathmore House – the former Canadian embassy. The house sits on c. 0.70 of an acre and boasts fantastic Italianate gardens featuring a natural rock outcrop and retaining walls made from local stone. The property is currently owned by Colm Sorensen, the managing director of Butlers Chocolates, which has been owned by his family since 1959, and Louise Sorenson.

The property has changed hands many times. It was owned at the start of the 1900’s by William Jennings Bramly / Mia Geraldine Jennings Bramly. They owned Strathmore House, the neighbouring mansion which sits on over nine acres. Arcachon and it’s neighbour, The Schoolhouse, were owned by the Jennings Bramly family and were sold off in 1932 after the death of Mia (William was already dead).

Following the 1932 sale, a family of four, the Pilkingtons, are known to have lived in the property and since then it has been placed for sale on numerous occasions;

1950 – Price Unknown
1953 – seller: Edwin Lloyd, lot included neighbouring house: ‘The Schoolhouse’ (Kiliney National School)
1956 – Price Unknown
1961 – Price Unknown
1975 – Price Unknown
1989 – Guide £275,000 (estimated to exceed this – sold privately prior to auction)
1991 – Price Unknown (buyer: Paul Kavanagh)
1998 – Guide £2 Million (seller: Paul Kavanagh)
2004 – Guide €2.5 Million (withdrawn from Auction)

The current owners presumably bought it privately after auction in 2004.

The 0.70 acres of expertly landscaped gardens are a key feature of the house, and as per the picture of the gardens, above, is undoubtedly one of the best kept gardens in the area. The house itself has undergone many extensions over the years, being transformed first by Paul Kavanagh into a 3,000sq.ft home which features such as a wine cellar, and later being extended to its current size of 4,789sqft. In spite of all these additions, the property has been extended in a very respectful manner, and the charm of this villa is still present. In addition to the magnificent garden, the house also features